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Just delivered the rest of my paintings for my solo exhibition at Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  “Patterns of Sensation” opens this Friday, 7pm and runs through February 17th.  I hope you can make it!

January 28th, 2011 – “Patterns of Sensation” – Karen Eve Friedland’s Solo Exhibition

By the Canal

Flower Forest

Exhibition duration: January 28 – February 17, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, January 28 @ 7-10 pm

Curator: Jewel Lim
Multi-disciplinary Event: TBA

About the Exhibition

The Alfa Art Gallery launches its first solo exhibition of the year with Karen Eve Friedland’s “Patterns of Sensation,” a collection of four series. The pieces, varied in medium and subject matter, are created with the intention to make the viewer ponder on the people who live in the spaces that she paints. Stylistically reminiscent of Matisse’s flattened figures and Van Gogh’s color schemes, Friedland’s work emits a dream-like atmosphere while still being familiar and homey to the audience. Delightfully skewed and beautifully paradoxical with disagreeing perspectives in her work, the viewer is forced to linger awhile and conclude that the spaces depicted are outside reality.

About the Artist

Karen Eve Friedland received her degree in Journalism from New York University, MBA from the New York Institute of Technology and studied Interior Design in Pratt Institute. Though she only occasionally works as a consultant of Interior Design, Friedland adamantly keeps her life creative by teaching art and dedicates most of her time developing her work as artist. Friedland has won many awards and exhibited in New Jersey, New York, Washington, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

Having a solo show and gallery representation is a big deal for an artist.  I’m really excited about dreams come true by making them goals.  Goals are a powerful thing.  I set new goals (sometimes the same ones as in the past) every three months.  Using them as a guide, I’ve found I accomplish a lot more of what I want.

How do goals perform this magic?  How to turn dreams into goals?But how do I even figure out what my goals should be?  Working backwards, dream of where you want to be a year from now and calculate what it would take to get there.  Decide which steps you need to follow in what order and make them your goals.

Effective goals require certain characteristics

  • a goal must be concrete No “I just want to be happy.”
  • a goal must be measurable How will you be able to demonstrate that you’ve achieved your goals?
  • a goal must be specific You need to know what exactly you are working toward.

Once you decide on your goal(s), you need to figure out the steps to get there.  Keep a record of your work toward your goals so you can see what you’ve accomplished.  Write it down. When you’ve achieved one of your steps, do something to celebrate.  We all spend too much time beating ourselves up for what we’ve done.  It’s time to honor and revel in your accomplishments!

It’s a powerful process made more so by sharing it with someone else.  Perhaps you can enlist a friend to work on their goals and you share your achievements on a regular basis.  It will keep you honest and be more fun.  Either way, setting your goals will propel you to new heights!

“The Conversation” is one of the pieces you can see at the Alfa Gallery show.   The women were engaged in such flights of fancy that I could fairly see it in the air.  Now you can see it!

Tell me about your goal setting.  I’d love to hear how you use them.

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  • Cathy Hegman

    Wow this is wonderful Karen!!! Sending you joy and best wishes for a great relationship with art!

    • karenfriedland

      And a great relationship with my special art friends!!! <3

  • susie stockholm

    Karen, your paintings are so colorful and joyous! Whenever I need inspiration or my smile for the day, I look at your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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