Getting Great Goals

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Hello creative friends! Here we are in the second month of the year but I’ve only recently firmed up my goals. How about you? Have you set goals for yourself and your business? I have found that goal setting has been one of the Right Brain Business Plan tools that has really benefitted me.

For those who have not yet set goals or want to update them, here are a few tips to enhance your goal setting:
1). Make sure that your goal is specific. Define it clearly so you know what you want.
2) Pick goals that are quantifiable. Put a number on it- how many to make or sell, how many hours to work on it, etc..
3) Don’t make it a laundry list. If you put everything you want in your goals at once, you’ll be so overwhelmed that nothing will get done.
4) Leave out things that you would do anyway.
5) Select goals that are achievable in a specific time period. I set mine quarterly.

Id love to hear what your goals are. Will you share them?

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