A Resolute Chord

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Day 18,  24 days to go.

When I first broke my ankle, I felt panicked.  I had to come up with a way of keeping myself from despairing.  I pondered the ways I might keep growing (and occupied) while I was off my feet (or foot, as is the case).  Keeping a focus on what would be fun to pursue, I decided to take up music and language.

Can you see the mother of pearl stars on the frets?

Several years ago, I bought a guitar from TV, just because I loved the way it looked.  It is part of a limited edition released by Esteban.  It is blue, painted with fireworks, and a few jewels applied, just for extra sparkle.  I know all you musicians are cringing about now; this is not the criteria you would usually use to buy an instrument.  But, what can I say, I’m all about the visual.   Luckily, it has a fairly nice sound.

Yesterday I had my first guitar lesson.  Accomplished drummer, guitarist and all around great musician, Stanley Mitchell is my teacher.


Luckily, Stan has a lot of patience, (something I’m learning a lot about during this experience).  Taught me three basic chords, two of which I got pretty well & one of which I haven’t quite mastered.  My fingertips were dented for hours afterwards, from the steel strings.  Stan has promised that, if I practice, my fingers will develop calluses, making it a lot less painful.  I’ll give it a try.

Apropos of music, I’d like to share with you one of my pieces called “Musicians – Morocco.”  My husband, daughter and I were visiting Morocco a couple of summers ago, when, as we walked through the medina (Old City) of Marrakesh, I spotted these three women sitting on the curb.  It was bloody hot, too hot for moving around much, especially when you had to wear long, layered clothing.  They wore jellabas, Moroccan caftans.  While they barely moved when I took my photo, it was not until I got home and looked at it closely that I realized they had turned away and covered their faces.  They sat in front of a beautiful poster billboard for a musical event with these abstracted images of musicians.  I rendered that moment and memory in pastel.

Now, as for the foreign language I should learn, just me and my computer, I haven’t decided.  Do you have any suggestions?

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  • Brenda from Flatbush

    Love the blues in the Morocco painting. And I totally get buying a guitar ’cause it’s cool-looking. Fear not, the callusses will come (but no long fingernails on that hand now!)

  • Cathy Hegman

    Great Blog invite me to you first concert….I wanna be in the mosh pit! 🙂 Love the pastel very nice indeed and the colorfulness reminds me of you! Take care and heal swiftly!

  • Lois Silver Fiala

    ….love your blog Karen! You certainly are making the best of your healing process. You keep growing beautifully as an artist. I love your work. Good luck with the guitar. In terms of the language, any exotic trips planned for next year? It might be kind of fun to learn the language of the country that is next on your agenda.

    Sending lots of positive energy to you for a quick healing as your creative process continues to unfold.


  • Roseanne

    Beautiful painting!! I hope you heal quickly. I’m glad you are keeping occupied… What about classes? Hope the rest of the family is okay. Love & miss you all.

  • Fran O'Donnell

    Love your blog Karen! Thinking about you. It looks like you are making the best of your situation. I hope you get well soon.

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