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Show invitation

Show invitation

My newest work is going to be exhibited in a solo show at Backdoor Gallery in Fredricksburg, Virginia.  The opening reception will be on Saturday, September 7th, 5-7PM.  I am scheduled to give a brief talk about my work and business.

The show features all works of non-objective abstraction, a new direction for me.  While this demonstrates a change from my representational work, the strengths in color, pattern and design endure.  I am showing quite large works, the largest is a diptych 40 x 60, as well as 15 small–8″ square–canvases.

My artist statement for the exhibit:

My environment is comprised of many disparate elements.  These elements are constantly in motion, zooming past one another or crashing into each other.  At times, they leave behind confusion and consternation.  It feels like a state of chaos.  My focus with my artwork is to calm that chaos, to bring about organization that will make things easier to understand and cope with.  I create a structure that works to develop harmony within and outside my artwork.

Show Information

Show Information

The exhibit will run until October 1st.  Backdoor Gallery is located at: 4600 Plank Road, Fredricksburg, VA, tel.: (540) 786-4455.

If you are in the area, I hope you will visit!

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