Blasting The Inner Critic

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We’ve all gotten criticism at times in our life. It’s mighty difficult not to take it to heart, especially when it comes from someone whose opinion you respect. When those voices come into your head and get in your way, that’s what’s called your inner critic.


Most of us have this happen sometimes. At times, it can be downright immobilizing. We start something we really want to do but, in back of your mind you hear the voice saying “you can’t” or “you’ll mess it up.”  It can stop you in your tracks as it catapults you into the FEAR zone.











How do you put it back in the box so it doesn’t get in your way? That was one of the issues that I contemplated with my “Explore Your Imaginative Soul” class. I showed them a great way to take some positive action that would help negate the effect of that snarky inner critic. At the same time, we made fabulous works of art.




We started out writing the words of our inner critic says on a piece of paper and spent five or 10 minutes getting it all out.


That alone is a really cathartic experience. Getting those words out lets you release them from your mind and move on from there. We then painted over the words in a lively way. It brought positive, colorful energy to our endeavor.


From there, we took it a step further and , with all our hearts, ripped the paper into large pieces.


After we took another piece of watercolor paper and painted a lush background on it.

That gave us the foundation. We used the pieces to build an affirming construction in our collage.


This left all of the students feeling empowered and satisfied. They had tamped down their inner critic and taken control of the fear. It also left them with beautiful works of art.




It was great fun and highly satisfying.



Explore Your Imaginative Soul Online


You too can get this experience in my online course, “Explore Your Imaginative Soul” online that I will be offering shortly.



This is one of numerous lessons that will be included in the course.




If you’re interested in the course, please fill out the form below.  I will let you know as soon as I have the specific dates.

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