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An artist’s life can be mighty busy and mine has been particularly so of late.  I finished two paintings I have been working on–one representational and the other a totally non-objective intuitive painting.

"Ristorante"  24" x 18" acrylic on stretched canvas

“Ristorante” 24″ x 18″ acrylic on stretched canvas

Doing both at the same time made me feel a bit schizophrenic but the representational painting has a mysterious aura, so it too is a leap forward.  I shared these works with the members of my artist coaching group, Artist Conference Network when we met at my house yesterday.

After two weeks spent on cleaning and organizing my basement to turn it into a teaching studio (including removing 14 cartons of books), it was finally ready for my students in the adult painting class.  I loved looking at the space, clean, empty and orderly, with new work stations, individual lighting, new stools.  I even hoped it would never change, at least until my students arrived.  We spent two hours exploring color, creating personal color non-wheels, each person inventing their own unique take on primaries, secondary and tertiary colors.

My teaching studio was no longer pristine.  It was alive, filled with creative energy and COLOR.  Exploring color with my students reminded me of the pure joy of color, unembellished, just being its beautiful self.  The studio is greatly improved!

My other new development is that I have signed on to become a licensed facilitator for the Right Brain Business Plan.  This is a way for creative people, like artists, alternative healers, therapists, designers, restauranteurs, solo-penuers, consultants, to create a business model and plan for themselves without wanting to run for the hills.  All the creativity and ingenuity that you used to create your career is then applied to help you find your vision, create your goals and plan, and break it into actionable tasks so you can be successful.  Plus it’s a really fun process!

I’ve decided to make a video diary of my developing as a facilitator, so here it is:
I hope you will travel with me on this journey and I promise I will get better at the videos!  So how’s this for multi-tasking?  What kinds of things do you multi-task with?

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  • Cathy S. Hegman

    Hey Karen,

    Loved seeing and hearing the videos!!! It was like being with you live! It sounds wonderful and I am looking forward to watching your RBBP Facilitator career blossom! If anyone can do it, I am betting it is you! Love the painting on your blog, Ristorante, it is lively and full of passion and very thought evocative. This could maybe be a series..???….
    Anyhoo, take care and I look forward to hearing more on your journey!

    Love to you

  • karenfriedland

    Hey Cathy–

    I appreciate the good wishes on the Right Brain Business Plan, I’m very excited about it! Making videos are a whole different animal! I’m working on another one and hope to keep improving as I learn.

    Thanx for the comment on the painting. What about it do you think would lend itself to a series? Don”t think you mean a series of different cuisines! ;0)

    xoxo Karen

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