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 I know this has been a horrible time for so many of us, for the obvious reasons.In this certain way, I am amongst the lucky few who are accustomed to being home and working solo. On the other hand, it’s been hard because I’m a very social person. Suffice it to say that between staying at home and all the depressing news around, I’ve been having a challenging time.

I have been reflecting on the words of Fernando Florez who was a political prisoner kept in solitary confinement for several years. He said, ”In any circumstance, you choose who you be.” So I am deciding to be someone who knows that we will come out of this, it will not go on forever and life will be oh so sweet when we do. Look, our people have persevered through the great depression and world wars of much greater duration, so we can make it through this.

How to change “Who you be”?

First, stop watching and reading the news so much. It’s very demoralizing.
Second, get sunlight whenever possible. The sunlight naturally raises your spirits.
Third, get online!
My family was feeling sad about not being in the same room for Passover seder. I pointed out that many more of our spread out family can be together in an online seder than would ever be able to be in one room during the holiday in normal times.So reach out and touch base with someone. It’s great to have the time to get together.

Happy Holiday and Happy Spring!
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