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I was thinking about color and the effect it has.  Certainly a world without color would lose so much of its energy and dimensionality.  My work is all about color and I use every hue, shade and tone in my artwork.

So it really isn’t fair of me to play favorites.  But I do.  My favorite color is RED.  It makes me feel aglow.  It gives me energy and makes me feel warm and happy inside.  Of course, even your within your favorite color there are variations one prefers and others that you can’t abide.  I love rich, purply pinks- I find them very girly but at the same time, rather regal.

I’ve had my love of red challenged this week as I spent time with my new granddaughter in Lincoln, Nebraska.  There, the school color is red-the bright, fire engine-y type.  And the school and teams are called Big Red.  It is an obsession in this town.  Easily half the houses sport a big red “N” on their door.  Today, I saw one house that flew two large flags: the American flag and the big, red N!  Even the nurses wear scrubs that are red with a big N on their chest.  This is nothing against the fine people of this town but I may have to call the police for a case of color abuse!

"G" 8" x 8", acrylic & collage on gallery wrap canvas. Just one of my paintings dominated by RED.

“G” 8″ x 8″, acrylic & collage on gallery wrap canvas.
Just one of my paintings dominated by RED.

However, I am not daunted and still stick by my favorite: RED!

What’s your favorite color?  How does it make you feel?

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  • segmation

    I don’t know if I have a favorite color. Like your blog though.

    • karenfriedland

      Hi Beth–

      Glad you like the blog. As far as favorite colors, what color do you end up wearing the most?

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