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I went to bed late last night, already very tired, and expected to go right to sleep. But instead, I lay awake until the wee hours of the morning contemplating what I was going to do next in my studio.

When I thought about it this morning, I realized thatein-profil-des-menschlichen-kopfes-formte-birne-mit-inneren-eisengngen-png-verfgbar-51525304 this was by no means the first time this is happened and unlikely to be the last. I realized that my brain was working engaged in figuring out how I was going to proceed in the shooting of my new video e-course. I’ve been a teacher of art and creativity for a long time, so this was not the first time I was teaching. But it was the first time I was creating a course that would be put online, disseminated through the World Wide Web and potentially, reach thousands of people. I realized my brain just loves the opportunity to sell the new creative problem, to figure out something completely new, to take the risk of working in a whole new medium and to see how to solve that challenge.



A student painting her creative spirit.

Now don’t get me wrong-I love teaching art and creativity. I love helping people open the doors to the expressiveness that’s been hidden away in them for too long. I love helping people children and adults alike learn how to use a new medium, a new way of expressing themselves, a new way of creating and making art. This is all very satisfying to me.

But when I myself ever introduced to a new medium, when I try a way of creating that I’ve never done before, it’s thrilling! I love figuring out how to make it happen and. I leave the judgments behind and I just forge on. It makes no sense to judge yourself on how well you’re doing when you’re just learning something new anyhow. You see, I’m really a thrillseeker that’s what drives me forward, the thrill of creating something different than I ever have before. The thrill of learning to do something completely new and use it to bring forth a work of art or any creation.


The thrill of creating something new. “Bondage” acrylic and mixed media on canvas 12″ x 12″

It does take away from my painting time and I always feel a bit guilty about that. But learning something new, making something new is where the rush is.

This summer I created a card deck filled with inspiration and ways to help  you bring creativity and expression into your life.

With images on one side of the card and fun, simple projects on the other side,                Art Sparks will get you past all the reasons not to be creative and take you to an ease-filled, expressive journey. Coming to you in October.

The video e-course will also be coming sometime in October. It will be free and take you through a fun, expressive drawing and painting project.


Opening frame of e-course video

What kind of problem-solving is your brain working on when you wish you were sleeping?

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  • Virginia

    Your blog post is wonderful! And so are your cards — where do I order a deck AND where do we sign up for your October e-course? XO Virginia

  • karenfriedland

    Virginia, m’dear-

    I’m sorry for being so long responding but I had to figure those things out myself. The cards have come in and you can get them at Make sure you put in the code to get the intro price.

    The course is not going to happen until the new year because so much is happening in Nov. & Dec. I’m really excited about the Art Sparks Blog Hop, starting Oct. 31.

    Hope all is good with you.

    xo Karen

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