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Can you do what you love and make a living at it? Does the business side of things leave you feeling overwhelmed, unsure of where to start? Well, here’s the thing for you! Instead of staying stuck and frustrated, have fun and move your business forward with the Right Brain Business Plan workshop! It is important to have clear goals and actions to succeed. This program is an intensive and enjoyable way to clarify your business vision, goals and action steps, navigated through a visual, creative and supportive process.  You’ll make it through the traditional (a.k.a. “intimidating”) parts of the plan like competitive analysis, marketing and finances in a way that is inspiring, engaging and expressive, just like YOU are!

This is be the perfect spring project to get you set up for a stellar second half of the year! SIGN UP HERE!

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If you sign up by midnight, Tuesday, May 20th, you receive
  • FREE The Right Brain Business Plan book by Jennifer Lee
  • FREE One month of one-on-one consultation and coaching after the workshop

Jumpstart your plan with me on 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings, starting May 21st. My experience blends a Masters in Business Administration and years in business with more than two decades as a visual artist and 10 years as a creativity coach and teacher, so I am the perfect guide to take you on this journey!

My Business Vision

My Business Vision

Here’s what people are saying about the workshop: “Going through the whole process and leaving with concrete steps and a plan to achieve them were the most valuable part of the workshop. I’d recommend it to my friends…(Karen is) an inspiration! –Laura Stanton, Occupational Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Fun at the workshop with vision collages.

Fun at the workshop with vision collages.

“I am honored to have been able to learn from a new perspective in a fun, challenging way! (Karen is) mentor, teacher, leader, encourager, outside-the-box thinker!” –Kathleen Payne, Musician & Vocalist
      Space is limited, so register now and get your 2 BONUS GIFTS! The clock is ticking!  SIGN UP HERE! Jumpstart your plan with me on May 21st. Isn’t it time you finally got your business plan done? And why not have fun while you’re at it!

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