Creative Soul and Spooky Spirit Workshop 

Are you haunted by your desire to be artistic?

Are you spooked by dreams of creative expression?

Do you want to overcome your inner critic goblins and express your true creativity?

This is the workshop to let your imaginative spirit loose! In this 6 hour workshop day-including 5 hours of instruction and a 1 hour provided lunch-in my Brooklyn studio, we will get your monsters out of your head and onto the page to express your creative soul. Join me for a day of intuitive painting to free your imagination… with a Halloween theme.

This workshop is for you when:

  • you’ve wanted to make art but didn’t think you could
  • your inner critic has kept you from expressing your creative soul
  • your art is stuck and you want to put the fun back in it
  • And you want to have a great time making art in the spirit of the season!

During this in-person workshop, you will make several works that will open your creativity playfulness with experimental, mixed media treats. Karen will demonstrate a variety of techniques and share tips and insights as you create with inspiration from word and Imagery. You will experiment with supplies and tools-all of which are provided-that are easy and fun to use.

You will explore intuitive painting, culminating in ghostly Halloween expression. Using acrylic, tempera and watercolor paint, markers, crayon, stencils, stampers, pencil, charcoal and collage, we will conquer the blank page

Lunch and most supplies will be included in the price of the workshop but you are welcome to bring your favorite supplies and collage materials if you’d like.

WHEN: Saturday, October 20, 10AM-4PM including lunch and art supplies

One registration reserves one seat in this workshop. Registration fees are non-refundable unless workshop is cancelled, in which case a full refund will be issued.

This is the perfect workshop to be shared by mothers and daughters, best friends and art buddies to celebrate the holiday. Participants must be at least 13 years old to attend; those under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Use the coupon code: BRINGAFRIEND and get 30% off your 2nd person!

$99 including lunch and supplies

A Teacher With A Creative Soul


am an artist and a teacher who paints from the soul. My palette is the vibrancy of the world, the colors everywhere you look. I believe that each of us is a creative being, that we make things to express who we are. I understand what it’s like to feel blocked, to need a way to get back to that elemental part of yourself. I help my students explore their creativity and their intuition. I’ll help you succeed by giving you tools and structure to get you started on your journey. This workshop is an exercise in freedom, exploration and freeing your inner creative self.

I am honored to have been able to learn from you from a new perspective in a fun, challenging way! (Karen is) Mentor, Teacher, Leader, Encourager, Outside-the-box Thinker!


Teacher knows her stuff! Great!


The class was fabulous! I really enjoyed it and found it to be a very opening and freeing experience…It hit an emotional level and let me put feelings on paper without trying to have to make something. I really enjoyed what [Karen] shared.

~Rose S.






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