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Friday morning, the last day of Mississippi art colony, started off warm and balmy with the kind of sunshine that makes you happy to start the day. It was hard to believe that Colomy was wrapping up today, I felt like I was just getting in my stride.

Yesterday I started another large painting,, 50″ x 46″ and, because of my large workspace, I could set up the paintings on opposite sides of the room, allowing me to have a perspective on boh simultaneously. 

 I began this painting with a mix of muted primary colors, smearing them across the canvas. I added the large oval lines,drawing directly from the bottles.


I am now adding blocks of solid color. Still quite a way from finished.

Working back and forth between the paintings meant no lost time while paint dried. I was feeling the pressure as the finish loomed large. It was kind of disappointing that Colony was ending; I felt I was just coming into my stride. I guess I’m a bit of a late bloomer. Still more to go, I was able to make good headway on both before packing up to go home. 

Then I went to get changed for the evening’s gala, a Black and White Ball!

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