Creative Spirit Workshop

Let loose! Let your creativity take the lead as you express yourself artistically in the Creative Spirit Workshop.

Where: Downstairs Studio, Prospect Park South, Brooklyn

Creative energy, expressive drawing and intuitive paintings will be our playground. You’ll be in the process where it’s impossible to do it wrong!

This workshop is for you when:

  • you’ve wanted to make art but didn’t think you could
  • you’re looking for an intuitive way to express yourself
  • you’ve made art but feel stuck and don’t know how to get past it
  • you want a caring guide to help you on your journey
  • And you want the chance to play and have a great time making art!

A Teacher With A Creative Soul


am an artist and a teacher who paints from the soul. My palette is the vibrancy of the world, the colors everywhere you look. I believe that each of us is a creative being, that we make things to express who we are. I understand what it’s like to feel blocked, to need a way to get back to that elemental part of yourself. I help my students explore their creativity and their intuition. I’ll help you succeed by giving you tools and structure to get you started on your journey. This workshop is an exercise in freedom, exploration and freeing your inner creative self.

I am honored to have been able to learn from you from a new perspective in a fun, challenging way! (Karen is) Mentor, Teacher, Leader, Encourager, Outside-the-box Thinker! – Kathy

Teacher knows her stuff! Great! – Laura

Karen kept the group rolling & was open to 1-1 coaching when she saw frustration brewing.When I was struggling, she didn’t push me. Karen took a giant step back, observed and I felt like she was opening her arms to me. It was very tender, wonderful and impactful. A tender moment when I needed it. Bravo! – Lisa


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