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I am so excited to announce that registration is open for my new online course exploring your imaginative soul”. This class has been a long time coming in its online form but I have taught it numerous times before in my home studio. It is a class that I love teaching because it gives my students the opportunity to shake whatever it is holding them back artistically and to let their own beautiful creativity come shining through! Time and again I have seen eyes light up as they are given permission to express themselves in one of the most elemental forms there is, art.

Its sub-heading is Opening Doors and Finding Juice for Creative Expression. This is how I see it as my mission and my work. I love teaching, adults in particular, and I feel that it’s my mission to guide them back to a place of freedom and acceptance of their own original spark. People are amazed at what happens when they pick up a paint brush in my studio. Even though they may be reticent or resistant, once they get started, all of a sudden, they are painting! I feel my role is to open the door for them and guide them after they’ve walked through. And then the fun begins!

We will draw and paint in a way that frees expression while teaching about line, shape and values. We will blast our inner critics out of our minds as we write, paint and the collage them away. We will create a mixed media work of art that employes a variety of exciting techniques and produce a dynamic painting. All this while we have a ball experiencing play and discovery!

The course will run four weeks beginning on March 26, 2018. However, it is largely the self-paced course. You will have lifetime access to all the materials so you can go back whenever you like.

Here is what some of my students have to say:

“One of the best things about taking a course with Karen is her enthusiasm and love of painting and teaching. She shows many techniques… I really enjoyed it, and came home with work I am very happy with. I highly recommend her and her classes. I have taken three and will do more simply because they are a lot of fun.”

                  — June T.


“With little, I mean NO painting experience…Karen helped me find my creative voice when I could not find it on my own. I love Karen’s classes because she teaches students to love their work. She provides a fun, kind, embarrassment-free space to let your creative passion run wild! It’s a good sign when you don’t want a class to be over, and can’t wait for the next one.”

– Laura G.


Early Bird until March 17    only $69

From March 18     $89

Click HERE



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