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I have always been compelled by the urge to be creative. It is a natural drive for all humans. This is a good thing because this drive is what keeps us inventing new things, solving challenging problems and making beauty in the world.

People are creative from their souls, it is not necessarily based on talent. In fact, I believe that creative drive and learning skills are what truly equals talent. Plus one needs the perseverance to put effort and time into their pursuit.

But their are times that our creativity feels dry. Have you ever wanted to be creative but the well was empty and you just don’t know how to get back to it? I’ve had that experience and it is totally frustrating. I’ve learned a number of tricks to get me out of that space and get back to creating. Here are 3 of my favorites:

  1. PLAY WITH COLOR. Look at a magazine or other book with photos or paintings. Find an image that speaks to you and pick out the 3 most prominent colors. Then identify 2 (or 4) more colors that are accents. Using markers or crayons. start making lines and shapes in the principal colors. Use your accent colors to connect them. See where it takes you.
  2. TAKE A LINE FOR A WALK. Choose a pen that makes a strong line (like a Sharpie). Use it to make a continuous line, varying the shapes of the line as you go. Make the line touch the sides of the paper and come back, crossing the lines you’ve drawn. You can make diagonals, curved, wavy, zig zag, spirals, any shape you like. Now take color and fill the shapes you have made.
  3. INVENT A STORY. Using a novel or newspaper, go through the page and circle interesting words, 7 is a good number, not more than 9.  Use the words to make a sentence-I know it may be kind of crazy. Make that sentence the start of a 3 sentence story. You will be surprised with the story make. Try it with a friend and see what crazy, cool stories you come up with!

Want to get really creative? Want to shut down self doubt? Join me in the Downstairs Studio in Brooklyn on August 3rd and 4th, 6-9:30 PM for the Creative Spirit Workshop. It’s about the joy of creating, being in touch with your creative soul and tamping down the inner critic we all have. The point is to enjoy the process. Read about it and register here.

Do you have any great ways that you use to get back to your creativity?



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