Getting To Bare Beams

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I have a big old Victorian house and it’s got a wooden porch that had seen better days. In fact, it was sagging and getting some holes in it. So we decided it was time to replace the porch with the new one.


We hired a carpenter and his team to do the job. The first thing they did was to take all the planks of wood floor off and got the porch down to the beams. When they got under there and were able to see what damage the passage of time had  made, they really gotten down to the bare bones of the project. Some of the beams were rotten and needed to be replaced. Others just needed some shoring up to be strong again.






As I reflected on this process, I realized that sometimes doing the same thing with our business is a good idea as well. Sometimes getting down to the bare bones and seeing what our structure is can make all the difference.


Looking At The Foundation

I know that when I look at the foundations of my business, I look at what’s really important to me, what is working for me with my business and what my goals are. Also key to my business bare-bones is what I want to be making, what my values are in my business and who I want to be talking to.






Just like the beams create the structure for my porch, these elements create the structure for my business. These supports are the basis for what I build my whole business upon. And sometimes I need to get down to the bare basics to make sure I am building my business in the right way, the way I want it to grow.


What About Your Beams

Do you know what the structure is upon which you build your business? Maybe this is a good time to look at your bare beams and make sure that you are building your business in the way that really supports you.


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