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What would you do with a paint brush, black paint and the piece of paper? In the last couple of weeks I have begun teaching a group of fabulous women in my new course called “Explore Your Imaginative Soul.” That question was the basic premise that I confronted them with. As we have begun exploring our own creativity and self expression, I am astounded by what they are creating. It also amazes me the amount of creativity that it has been spurred within me by working with this class.

Each time I come up with a concept that I want to teach in the class, I find that it just opens many doors for me in my own creativity. This class has only a few sessions and I only have limited time to teach all the things that have been bubbling up for me as I’m teaching it. So it makes me really happy that I’m going to be able to take what we’re working on and translate it into an online class that will let me share with unlimited numbers of people.

We started off with a class solely devoted to “expressive drawing.” However, we did the “drawing” with paint brushes and black acrylic paint. It’s interesting to discover that drawing can be done with a wide variety of tools and sometimes ones that we don’t expect. I showed them the basic elements of drawing so that everyone would feel a level of confidence with their own creative expression. They loosened up with some warm-up exercises and then went to town expressing their creativity, each one portraying their own personality and feeling.

With some encouragement that helped keep self criticism and fear of failure in check, each person was able to let loose and see what would develop. Here are just a few examples of these initial self expressions.

(I tried to upload more but having some computer problems.) They made a bunch of killer drawings, all really big-24′ x 36.” This is just the beginning. I’ll keep you apprised of all the new developments as we progress.

Have you ever used an art technique that you found freeing? I’d love you to share in the comments below! (see symbol to the right of title)


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