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19 days ago I left the painting I was working on, to go on a sunset bike ride with my husband.  A shaky start left me sprawled on my side in the street, bike on top of me, screaming in fear and pain that I’d broken my ankle.  My husband, ever the optimist told me he was sure it was only a sprain as we drove to the ER.  It was worse than I had imagined–broken in two places, requiring surgery which couldn’t be done for a week and 6-12 weeks without weightbearing.

I was beside myself.  What I lamented most was not being able to enjoy the happy week I had planned with my recently married, Nebraska residing, older daughter, who was in for the week.  As it turned out, she ended up being a great consolation to me during the pre & post operative period.

Now I am back home, getting around mostly in a wheelchair, trying to keep my foot elevated above the level of my heart.  No mean feat, let me tell you.

But I’ve little time for self pity and have a myriad of things on the agenda for this imposed home residency.  I plan to learn the guitar and a foreign language (haven’t decided which one.  Any suggestions?)  I will be working on my art business, working with galleries, getting together applications for MFA programs, drawing and painting and, of course, doing this blog.

My pledge to my readers is that I will post at least weekly, usually Monday nights, so you can take a look on Tuesday morning.  I will show you my work and that of others, talk about art and the world and generally share what’s going on in my brain (some posts may be very short!)

The painting I was working on at the time of the accident was an assignment in painting a landscape, using limited colors.  We were to use intensity (how clear or muddy the colors are) and value (the lightness or darkness of the colors) to give the impression of depth.  This painting is a scene from Central Park with the large buildings seen through the trees.  I have yet to fill the trees with leaves but rather just have their bone structure.  I have not yet painted the rock in the water, foreground.

This is not typical of my painting style but gives you idea of where I’ve left off.  My teacher, Manel Lledos shows us classical effects in landscape painting.  Once you know the rules, you better know how and why to break them.Central Park Vista -- in progress

I hope you will stay with me through my journey of recovery and growth.


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