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A while ago, I was pursuing my art and endeavoring to sell it as well. But it wasn’t really a business. Each part was working separately from the other. I couldn’t figure how to make them work together as a business. It was clear that I needed to make a  plan. That’s what led me to the Right Brain Business Plan.

Here I am to share that story. Hear it here.

Making a plan let me determine how I would show up in the world, how I would reach my perfect customer and how to gain the success I was seeking.

After successfully working with the Right Brain Business Plan, I knew I wanted to share it with other creatives so they too could plan for their success. The Right Brain Business Plan Online will begin next week. To get more info and to register (with a special discount), click HERE. I hope you’ll join me.

See you soon,




Licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator

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