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Ice Bar art


Shot glasses out of ice.

When we were in Budapest, it was sweltering hot.  We did whatever we could to keep cool while we were seeing the sights of this fabulous city.

In the cause of keeping cool, my daughter convinced me to go with her to the Ice Bar.  The place was really small, the size of my kitchen & dining room, maybe.  We encountered friendly people there: a bachelor party from Paris and American students who were studying abroad in Vienna where we had been just a few days before.

Ice Bar menu

Ice Bar menu

The drinks we overly sweet but served in glasses made of ice.

They suited us up in cozy hooded panchos and thermal gloves to keep us plenty comfortable in the cold.

My daughter, Samara, and I in our warm gear at the Ice Bar.

My daughter, Samara, and I in our warm gear at the Ice Bar.

Here’s a short video that tours you around the place.  Just to show that I’m cool!

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