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I am not a good multitasker. Most of the time when I work on a painting, I get a concept, draw or sketch it out and then I execute it. Sometimes the execution takes a long time while I think about what to do next.  This does nothing to help my production. Occasionally, I will complete a painting in one sitting. Other times though, it will take weeks for me to ponder, make additions, going back and working into it.
I was reading the blog of my Facebook friends, Martha Marshall. She was working in a similar size and format i.e. small square gallery canvases, as I have been recently.  Production mode for her, means that she lays out a number of canvases and works on them simultaneously.
I decided to give it a try. I have been working on the new series of small canvases,  where I have first apply collage to the canvases and  paint them in metallics and opaque and transparent color and stamp them with a letter. This series was inspired by a set of rubberstamps that I acquired quite a long time ago in a flea market. The stamps were part of a former print shop and some were mounted on wood handles while others had fallen off their mounts. Made of real rubber, have become brittle and split. Before I lost all of these letters to the age of the rubber, I decided to use them in the series. Hence, the small canvases

"O" 8" x 8" gallery wrapped canvas collage and acrylic

“O” 8″ x 8″ gallery wrapped canvas
collage and acrylic

stamped with letters. 

I went into production mode with nine 8 inch square canvases and laid them all out. I then collaged each with clippings from the New York Times. That’s more complicated than it sounds as newsprint stretches and bubbles when it’s glued down. After letting it dry and dealing with the bubbles by slicing and gluing them, I sealed each piece with the gel medium. I then began adding metallic and hued paint to each of the canvases working on all of them simultaneously.
8 inch canvases collaged

8 inch canvases collaged

I am not much influenced by what is on the newsprint. It is more to provide a textural backdrop.  It was when I started adding the paint that I began to get confused. My focus floated from one piece to the next and I found it difficult to work in a current particular direction for each individual piece. So now I am going to sit about completing them individually. Well this new approach to working was not completely successful for me, it did stimulate new pathways to creating my art work.
Here are some of the pieces I have completed and others that are still in progress.
40%-95% complete

40%-95% complete

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