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It used to be, when people would ask me what kind of business I was in, I would say that I just wanted to sell my work. And when a smart person asked me who my customer was, I answered that it was anyone who wanted to buy art.

Well, that could be the whole world, Anybody who lived in a place that had walls and had the money to purchase something to hang on them. But of course, not everybody was my customer. There are some people who would never be interested in buying my art. There were even some people to whom I would never consider selling my work. So my answer was really not accurate.

Have you thought about who your customer might be? When I started working with the Right Brain Business Plan, I started to think about these questions. Have you thought about who is buying your product right now?

We solopeneurs can do demographic analysis the same way the big companies do. Are your customers male or female? All these questions are based on generalizations, it doesn’t have to be 100% true all of the time. What is their age range? I figure that my customers are generally between 40 and 70 years old. Does that mean that no one under 40 buys my art? No, however by-in-large the people who are going to spend significant money buying the major pieces I produce are in that age range.

What about occupation? Are your clients stay-at-home parents, working class, executives or professionals, or perhaps retirees? How would you know this?  Ask them, talk to the people who buy your work. It’s important to be able to gather these insights into who your customers are. Also look at them, I’m sure that you can tell when someone is a stay-at-home parent vs. a retiree.

Some of the other things you might want to know about your clients are what publications did they read, are they buying for their primary home or second home and do they live in a house or an apartment? All these things give you greater insight into who they are, what they like, why they bought your art, what they’re doing with it and how you might reach them and others like them to sell your product in the future.

When you work with Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Business Plan, you look at your perfect customer and get to know them. Through doing this, you learn to create a plan to reach out to them in a really effective way.



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