Lusty May

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After a winter that came way too early and after waiting for it way too long, Spring has finally arrived.  Prospect Park South, where I live, is bursting with blossoms–magnolias, dogwood, cherry, as well as many I don’t know the names of.  My favorite, lilacs, perfume the air.  I feel like I can finally breathe after being stifled for many months.  Here’s a lusty homage to May.

May is my favorite month, with the birth of my first daughter and niece and memories of my mother.  I spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

working on a paper for my art history class and seeing Cezanne’s The Card Players exhibit.  Positively dazzling in the use of color and brushstrokes.

The Card Players by Cezanne

After searching out my assigned scavenger hunt in the European galleries, I went to the 19th century for my paper and to make drawings of the works of art that I would be writing about.  Couldn’t leave without lapping up some of my favorites and thought I would share a Spring greeting with this Van Gogh beauty.  Enjoy!

Van Gogh

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