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Maybe you were like me and all you wanted to do was to make your art or craft or energy healing or use crystals or share your yoga philosophy or whatever your creative endeavor is. And find a way to sell it or make some money out of it. I don’t know about you, but for a long time, I didn’t really think about it as a “business” per se. How could my beautiful, special, original, unique- fill in your appropriate descriptive -possibly fit into the mundane description  of a run of the mill business? It was so much more than that.

Night Circus

That was the beginning of my exercise in magical thinking. If I was not willing to define it as a  business , then how would I ever be able to make a successful business out of it.

But in my own mind’s eye, calling my unique, exceptional work a business, put it in a category that had a whole host of problems. I have a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA, more on that later) and this was not going to fit into one of my case studies.  

I needed it to do for me what I wanted it to do – that is, produce money generated by sales from my art and art related products. I also had to decide if that was all that I wanted out of the bargain.  I soon realized that money, while important, shared the goals with those of visibility and recognition. So those 3 elements: Income, Visibility and Recognition became the goals of my business.


When I first discovered Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Business Plan, I realized I finally had the means to proceed in putting together a business structure that would serve me and my goals in a way that worked with my creative outlook. It provided a way to structure my business that coincided with the way I thought, that was non linear and based on creation as the driving force.



With the Right Brain Business Plan, I figured out how to plan my business in a way that responded to the innovation of my right brain and the analytical approach of my left brain. But more about that next time.

For now, I hope some of my story resonates with you.








P.S. Look for news of the upcoming Right Brain Business Plan Online workshop.



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