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In the last few months I’ve made commitments to do a number of different things. I’ve made a commitment to make myself and my work more visible to the world. Sometimes this is easy because it means spending more time on social media, or at least feeling justified to use my time there more productively.

Other things, like this blog, require more structure to get done. It’s not that I don’t like writing. In fact, I was a journalism major in college and have done a lot of writing. It is just that when my focus went to visual art, I stopped focusing on this skill. Yet, writing, or communicating with any medium, is just a way to connect with other people.

While most would consider me outgoing, I still get kind of shy, wondering if others would find my stories interesting. I am so used to telling my stories visually that I’m not sure where to start.

When it came to making a commitment to my art, I’ve discovered that giving myself a tight structure, like working a theme daily, has been good for me. In November, I did an elephant a day for Art Everyday Month (see and ). After a frenetic end of the year, I missed the structure and committed to making and posting a Noodle Doodle everyday, for A Doodle A Day Month (my creation).

I found that I wanted to include both abstract and realistic work. Both qualify as doodles because they are in not fully formed works of art. But they are valuable and worth sharing. The realistic drawings, mostly loose portraits, are drawn in meetings and while I ride the subway. Any situation where people are confined to one place, not moving around much is good.

The abstracts started when I thought I might make a coloring book of abstracts. They may still might happen but I love the way the lines come together to spark the imagineion or foster a mood.

I’m sharing them here in this little video with some music. Hope you like them!


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