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New Beginnings

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep focused on my work.  My brain doesn’t seem to excel in this multi-tasking world.  One of the great ways I keep myself on target is through creativity coaching with my coaching partner.

Taking a stand!

Taking a stand!

Each week we check in with what has been accomplished and what is getting in the way of completing the tasks that I want to.  At the end, we take a stand that will move us into a context to reach our goals. Plus I commit to what I will accomplish in the next week.  Here are mine for this week.


Back in the studio, I have been working on a painting that I started before I left for Africa.

Canvas collage

Canvas collage

I have employed quite a bit of newspaper collage but most enjoyed collaging in an addition piece of canvas that I fringed and decorated with some purple glitter–just for fun.


It is still unfinished and I am not certain how to finish it.  It still waits for me in the studio, giving me a chance to reflect on it whenever I am there.  The shapes feel very oriental to me and I may a large Buddha form behind the other elements.  Stay tuned for its evolution.


While that painting languishes< I have begun another, inspired by my small letter series canvases.



Except where the little guys are 8 inches square, my new piece is 24 inches square.

canvas beginning

canvas beginning

I have glued newspaper around two sides of the canvas, added gesso and other texturing and applied transfers from the newspaper and magazine.  Just the beginning, it will be interesting to apply these same techniques and see how it works on a much larger scale.  Stay tuned.



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  • Artuitive

    Karen, I love this glimpse into your every day Studio life, and the evolution of your paintings! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like your coach is Landmark trained. Xxoo Susie

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    • karenfriedland

      Thanx Susie. My coach and I both trained when we joined the Artist Conference Network, an artist coaching community. It’s great to have support and structure. I’ve been coaching for more than 10 years. Good stuff!

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