Online Teaching, Here I Come!

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I’m taking the leap into the world of e-courses! I have two new classes to share with you on Plus keep reading for a really cool offer!

While I’m an experienced teacher, having taught all ages through most of my adult life, teaching online is a horse of a different color! Taking photography is one thing but video has all the same concerns of still photos and a whole lot more. I’ve had to consider what new equipment I needed to make clear videos. Especially because I am an artist, I am concerned about how to tell my story effectively and in an interesting way.

Not least of all, I worry what it looks like visually. Will my viewer be okay with seeing the shelves & what’s hanging on the walls in my frequently messy studio? Or should it be more pristine, like a blank or simple backdrop behind?

Then, there’s the talent-ME! I’m used to talking to a class but doing it on video is a whole other animal. Do I look dorky or artificial? OMG, what about my hair and make up? So many other things to worry about and believe you me, my inner critic roars when I watch the replay. Proof that I’m not born into this video generation.

So what do you think about the set? What kind of things do you enjoy seeing on this type of video? Maybe even more important, what do you hate to see, really bugs you? I’m hoping I can do some learning from you as I venture into this world.

To see the e-courses, I’ve made a 2 part course called “Draw A Line & Get Creative”. Part 1 is completely free, part 2 is on subscription but that’s where my surprise comes in. If you use this link , you can get 3 months membership for only 99¢! This will give you access to my course and 14,000 other classes in many subjects. I hope you’ll take a look at my courses and, if you like them, please recommend them!

Let me know what you think and how I can do better with my future e-courses!

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