Painting Our Mood and Spirit onto Watercolors: Using Inspiring Music, Meditative Art Forms and Collage

Painting Our Mood and Spirit onto Watercolors: Using Inspiring Music, Meditative Art Forms and Collage

Karen Friedland

We New Yorkers live in a frenzied place, and painting can be a powerful way to quiet the chaos and create harmony. Award-winning artist and painting teacher Karen Friedland will guide us on our artistic journey, as we learn to let our intuition and imagination take the lead so we can paint with confidence and authenticity.  Learn to draw out our true vision through exercises, and tamp down our inner critic and free our creativity to go beyond ideas of perfection. If you feel stuck, don’t know how to get past it, or think you are not good at art but want to try it, this class offers the caring guidance to overcome your blocks and have a great time making art.

Note: Limited Enrollment.

Below is a list of the art materials that students should purchase at their local art store and bring to class:

  • Cold press Watercolor paper, 11” x 14” smallest, larger is recommended.
  • Tube watercolor paint, student quality is fine (e.g. Academy) or inexpensive set (at craft stores like Michaels), with 12 colors or more. If you’re buying open stock, don’t bother with brown or black but include white.
  • Watercolor brushes (synthetic is good), the largest round one you can afford (maybe 14) and a small round for details. Make sure they come to a sharp point. Sizes vary by brand. 1/2″ & 1″ flat or filbert, and a large, inexpensive wash brush.
  • A plastic palette with separate compartments for the colors and a mixing area.
  • A board (Masonite) & masking or painters’ tape to tape down the paper and keep it from buckling.
  • A pencil and kneaded or white eraser.
  • Not required but recommended: an inexpensive paper portfolio to carry your paper back and forth.

Supplies can be purchased in Jerry’s Artarama at 4th Avenue & 10th Street, Dick Blick in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or online or any other art supply/craft store.

A Weekly Class
(5 Sessions) Mondays, April 16 – May 21, 2018, 5:45 – 7:45 pm
No class on April 23

Members $150/ Nonmembers $175

New York Open Center

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