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In my neighborhood, we have 6 cafes in a five block strip. It feels like there are constantly new ones popping up all the time. I often wonder how that could be? How are they all doing business? And while they all may be doing some business, there are always one or two that are busy with an over flow of customers. What is that distinguishes one from the other? After all, aren’t they all just serving coffee?


It may look that way to the undiscerning however, those that have the folks lined up to spent $6 for their special cuppa, have a special something. I can’t tell you what it is because for each business it is something unique, exceptional to their business.

It is that special something that every business needs to have, in order to distinguish itself. You may be selling what many others are selling – like a cup of coffee – but there is a reason that yours is better, more satisfying, better fills a need than any other. That is what you need to identify and be able to communicate to your client. This is the essence of branding.

According to The Balance Small Business , branding does all these things:

  1. Clearly delivers the message.
  2. Emotional connects your target prospects with your product.
  3. Creates user loyalty.
  4. Confirms your credibility.
  5. Motivates the buyer to buy.

So figure out what makes your business unique and let branding help you get that message across.


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