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Night Circus

  Night Circus A painting that began as pure abstraction, as if by magic, had the figure on the orb appear. As it developed, I sought to discover the mystery behind it. Many layers, dark [...]

The Conversation

The Conversation Two sophisticated women engaged deep in conversation in comfortable, fantastical parlor with mysterious red objects floating behind. Colors: blues, pink, red, green Size: 30” x [...]


Sisters Multiple layers of texture and acrylic paint give depth to the realistic depiction of two sisters, inspired by the artist’s daughters. Handmade paste papers are collage to created [...]

Starlight Starbright

  Starlight Starbright Seated woman faces away from the viewer toward a star background.  Pattern, fantasy towers and written word evoke the nursery rhyme. Colors: yellow, lavendar, [...]


W Three seated female figures cloaked in pattern, special effects are complements of the ultra smooth finish of yupo paper. Colors: blue-green/greys, reds Size: 20” x 26” Medium: Watercolor on [...]

Buddha’s Alchemy

Buddha’s Alchemy An intuitive painting begun without any particular expectation, I anticipated it to be an abstract when I saw several Buddhas appear.The painting decided what direction it would [...]