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With a deluge of rain and flooding throughout the area, I wondered if anyone would brave the storm to come to the workshop. But come they did and the Right Brain Business Plan workshop began. After an introduction that included discussing the attributes of the right and left sides of the brain and what that meant in our lives, we proceeded to visualizing our futures.   We shared some of what we saw and then moved to the big table that was filled with all sorts of art making supplies to begin our collages.

IMG_9082 IMG_9084 IMG_9085 IMG_9086 IMG_9089With a stack of magazines over a foot high, we began to sift through images and words that represented what the big vision for our businesses. Always a lot of fun gluing, cutting, using interesting hole punchers, markers, crayons to create a book-style Big Vision Collage. We worked into the night (in fact, I had a hard time getting a couple of people to go home to sleep!) having a great time in our creative activity.

Figuring out the business landscape

Figuring out the business landscape

The next morning, the rain had cleared, and we spent a while sharing our business vision and collages and coaching about where we wanted to take our businesses. We worked intensely for the rest of the day, to describe Our Perfect Customer, to create a Getting the Word Out plan ( a. k .a. Marketing plan), ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs about money, creating a Moola Map, the financial plan and finally, formulating our S.M.A.R.T. goals and Action Plans.


It was a lot to get through in just one and a half days but we broke up the time with inspirational quotes, one song dance parties and a yoga stretch led by one of our members who is a yoga teacher. We were lucky enough to have the sun come out for part of the day and during that time, we moved our workshop outside to enjoy it.


Throughout the workshop, we worked on distinctions in language. We learned how to speak in a more powerful way about ourselves and our businesses. At the closing of the workshop, we each acknowledged ourselves for what we had learned during this intense time and shared “love notes” to one another, acknowledging what we saw the others accomplished.


I look forward to seeing great things from these creative people. You can look them up at their sites here: Alice Barrett, Ronna Welsh,  Kate Colburn.


We learned a lot, clarified our thinking and had a really good time as we saw our possibilities unfold!

Alice Barrett Mitchell sports her Big Vision Collage.

Alice Barrett Mitchell sports her Big Vision Collage.

Ronna Welsh with her Big Vision Collage.
Ronna Welsh with her Big Vision Collage.

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