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As you may know, we have two hemispheres in our brain, one on each side.  Studies show that each hemisphere is responsible for controlling specific functions of the brain.

Right Brain Business Plan workshop June 7-8 www.ArtistKaren.com

Right Brain Business Plan workshop June 7-8

The Left Brain is where we live most of the time.  It is the logical side of the brain.  It is the side of the brain that lets us use language to communicate–reading, writing and speaking are all left brain functions.  It is the part of our brain that creates a structure for our lives, a sequence to our days.  Our left brain analyzes things and notices the details.  With our left brain, we process data and numbers. Telling time is done on the left side of our brain.

Creativity is what dominates the right side of our brains.  It is home to our imaginations, dreams and emotions.  Using the right side of our brain, we solve problems, invent new solutions and follow our intuition.  And it is timeless.

While both sides of our brain are quite necessary and work together, many people have one side that dominates the other.  We can sometimes experience the shift from one side to the other.  Let’s say you want to listen to music.  Your left brain picks the song from your playlist.  But when the music plays and you start grooving, your right brain has taken over.

Betty Edwards, in her book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” talks about experiencing the left brain-right brain shift.  She has the student, slowly and carefully, copy a drawing of a person but upside down.  As the student works, they focus on the shape, intersection and form of the lines and time just drifts away.  This total focus and timeless feeling is the shift to the right brain from the left.

I tend to have strengths on both sides of my brain, having a Masters degree in Business Administration, in addition to my

rbbp-lsc-badge-borderbeing an artist.  That is why I became so excited when I discovered the Right Brain Business Plan and decided to become a licensed facilitator.


I am offering a 1-1/2 day Right Brain Business Plan workshop in Brooklyn on June 7 & 8, Friday night 7-9:45PM and Saturday all day 9AM-4:45PM. 

By the end of this workshop, you will have learned how to:

Clarify your business values and vision                                              Paint a picture of your business landscape                                     Determine what products and services you’ll offer                Understand your competition, and what makes you stand out from the crowd                                                                                                Identify who your perfect customers are and how you’ll reach them    Set and manage money goals that honor your values and align with your life                                                                                                        Select your circle of support to help you get the work done                Map out concrete action steps to bring your Right-Brain Business Plan® to life

Your business will take flight with the Right Brain Business Plan workshop!

Your business will take flight with the Right Brain Business Plan workshop!

If you are a creative person looking to make sales of your work, a healing practitioner (psychologist, acupuncturist, reiki master, nutritionist, etc.) or solopeneur, this workshop will use your right brain creativity to master your left brain business!  Register or read more about it on my website: www.ArtistKaren.com, click the Right Brain Business Plan button.  If you sign up by May 24th, you get $50 off!  Plus-register with a friend for another 10% off!

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  • iamdddaydreamer

    get well soon, and enjoyed the post, happy 50th!

  • Cathy S. Hegman

    Well done Karen! Love the video, informative and precise! Good job! You look great!!! On my laptop the voice and the video were a bit out of sync but it could be something to do with my computer as well…not sure!

    • karenfriedland

      Thanx Cathy. That syncing seems to be a problem sometimes. I don’t get it.

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