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Halloween was celebrated this year with an all day art-making retreat, Creative Soul and Spooky Spirit Workshop. A small, spooky group gathered in the Downstairs Studio here in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn.

It started with a bit of a delay as typical city-life, it turned out to be traffic jams everywhere because of the NYC marathon that day. When they all arrived, we got started on our first exercise, a warm up, taking a journey through our childhood memories. After we recollected childhood playthings, we invented imaginary toys of the future. It was a great way to get into our creative zone We made collages, painted with the inspiration of music and created paintings of our most spooky spirits.  They were lovely and free and great expressions of our creative and intuitive selves.

This is my painting of this year’s spook ( I do them each year) that hung on the outside of my porch on Halloween, effectively scaring the kiddies as they trick or treated.

Next year, how about painting your own spook?



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