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“Dragon Fly,” acrylic on paper, 22″ x 22″

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about what makes my art distinctive and uniquely my own. It has had a lot of changes in it, especially recently.

My art is driven by the thrill of experimentation. I truly have no idea how a piece will end up. 

All my art is intuitive. Regardless of subject, it is a thought, a feeling, an expressive mood, that is carried by the skills, learning and years of practice applied.

People always remark that they love my use of color. And yes, color is what drives me. Painting is a more form of communication. The message in my artwork deals with creating a mood or expressing feelings.

My current abstractions include symbology, transporting the viewer to respond to those symbols in their own way. As always, the viewer is invited to overlay their own story, with the one I have begun for them. In this way we collaborate together and create something new.

It’s a multi layered process and while you see the finished painting above, here are some of the steps I went through to get there.

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