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I’m leading a Creativity Revolution and I want you to join me! So I created my expressive inspiration card deck, Art Spark Creative Project card deck so you have simple projects to spark your imagination and pictures of my art on the other side of each card to inspire you. But I didn’t want to leave you out there on your own when you needed help and support to make your creative expression happen. That’s why I am creating e-courses to support your creative journey.

ART SPARKS Creative Project Card Deck

I have been teaching art longer than I’ve been an artist. In those days, high school and college, I started teaching crafts in camp & JCCs. Looking back on it now, I realize I was stimulating and supporting children’s creativity. I was not an art teacher but rather a teaching artist.

Still a TA, I teach all ages but focusing largely on adults now. I teach from my home studio, through the Brooklyn Arts Council and, this Fall, at the Open Center ( in Manhattan.

Students focused on their artwork

Teaching Online

My teaching complements my artistic practice. It forces me to think clearly about skills and how to communicate them. While seeing my art inspires my students, watching their process. What they produce with my guidance brings insights and depth of understanding of what stimulates me in my art making. I love the magic my students’ work brings into my life.

Now I want to share with the broader world than those I teach in person by creating online courses. I will be starting with two courses on, a free e-course that anyone can venture into and another for subscribers. They are called “Draw A Line & Get Creative Part 1” and “Draw A Line & Get Creative Part II.”

I’ve been working on it for a while and have decided what the course will consist of. It is a deceptively simple project that will provide the special mix of getting you happily past the “I can’t do its” combined with simple skills that will help you be successful at creating and loving what you make!

Video production is a skill I will be learning as I make the e-course. I’m using good self-talk & supportive mentorship to get me going. I also invested in some needed tools: a swing arm extension to put on my tripod and lights that will let you see what we’re working on. It should be done and ready in the next week. I hope you will bear with me until then.

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