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Have you ever wondered how artists begin an art piece?

How it goes from an idea or a mark to a cohesive work of beauty?TheBlankCanvasBlogHop300Badge

Here is your chance to peek the inside workings of artists, 15 of them, myself included, during our fabulous blog hop, THE BLANK CANVAS.  Each artist working in distinct media-painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography- will unveil for you their inner workings, their step by step for taking a blank “canvas” from embryo to completion! It’s going to be a blast–for you AND for us!

I will be kicking off the blog hop which will run September 8th-September 22nd. Not only will you get a very cool insider’s view of different artists work process, you might win some of the fabulous gift giveaways offered by each artist.  I’ve got a super gift planned for you but I’m not letting the cat out of the bag until you come see me on September 8th!


What do you have to do?

  • Mark you calendar for September 8th and come here
  • Check out who is posting each day and visit their blog
  • Read about each artists’ process and leave them a comment
  • Follow the directions on how to enter to win THE BLANK CANVAS blog hop giveaways.

Easy-peasy, right? So I’ll see you there!


Other stuff to do?

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Mini ELEPHANT JOURNAL free gift for signing up

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