Warming Up

 In Art Technique

Whenever I go up to my studio, I need to have a way to get my head into being there. Sometimes it is just sitting in the studio, looking at earlier pieces or source materials. At times, it’s just setting up my art materials, also known as playing with my paints.😁

But a lot of the time, I warm up by making loose art. I get the paint out and start making marks and playing with color.

“Chaos” acrylic 24″ x 18″

One of my favorite ways to warm up is with music. I take drawing tools (graphite, colored pencil, crayon, charcoal, etc.) in each hand and let the music take me. It then gives me a structure to start addingWarm upcolor, form and pattern. I keep the music going to propel me forward as I put the piece together. Here’s one of my musical warm up pieces.

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