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Hello dear readers and happy new year!

I know I’ve been out of touch for a while but I was in the throes of leaving the continent for Africa and I’ve had a terrible time getting Wi-Fi since I’ve been here. We flew from New York JFK to Johannesburg South Africa nonstop in 15 hours. WHew, was that a long haul! When my husband, Gary and I arrived , we were picked up by a friend we made last year. She rescued us from the chaos of that airport and our travel, and took us to her lovely home in a “small holding” between Johannesburg and Pretoria. A small holding constitutes 15 acres a little further out than suburbia. Sandri and Chris  have a fantastic home that has a high, thatched roof that went up to stories inside and then two wings of their home that have their own thatched roofs inside the house.

My friends ' beautiful home.

K My friends ‘ beautiful home.

One of the 31 Nguni cows that my friends have for breeding.

One of the 31 Nguni cows that my friends have for breeding.

Pebbles, my favorite!

Pebbles, my favorite!

They inhabit their property with their two college age daughters, 4 dashound dogs, a dove that they rescued when it fell out of its nest and 31 head ofNguni cows that they keep for breeding. Nguni cows are really beautiful coming in a variety of colors and patterns ranging from white to brown to black and even to shades of pink in large patches and dappled variegated skin.

While  I’m not usually a dog person, having grown up with cats, I grew very fond of their dogs. My favorite was Pebbles.

I Will be sending you updates on my trip as regularly as I am able while traveling through southern Africa. The Wi-Fi here goes from poor to sporadic. I’ll be sharing my adventures on this journey, as well as the art work I’ve done along the way.

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