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Who’s Gonna Buy?

 In Business

When you’re an artist, it can be hard to figure out how to differentiate yourself, your work, your business. After all, when you make a painting it could hang on any wall. Depending on the buyer’s preference, your art could fit into any decor, right? Why would you narrow down who your buyers could be when anybody who lives in rooms with walls- i.e. anybody- is a potential customer.

But how can you market to the whole world? You’ve given yourself an impossible task. If you really think about it objectively, not everyone would like to have your artwork; it wouldn’t look great in every decor.

So now you can move on to figuring out who your clients might be. If you have sold any work, that is a huge clue. You can assume that you can make generalizations based on that person. These may or may not be correct but you need to start somewhere. It is important to define who your customer is in order to talk to them with your marketing. That is what you need to do to when you are reaching out to the world to sell your wares.

Let’s think about who your clients are and put together client profiles for 3-5 client types. For each one, do all you can to think of them as a real person and write out their personal characteristics and preferences. If you get stuck while writing it, I suggest this game.

This will call on you to get a friend to help and for you to conjure up all your latent acting and role-play skills. Get into your client’s persona. Your friend is going to interview you. They are going to ask you the following questions and you will answer as your client. Here are some questions to get you started. You can add any more that seem appropriate.

  1. What’s your name?
  2. Are you a man or woman?
  3. How old?
  4. Occupation
  5. Income level
  6. House or apt., describe
  7. Who do you live with?
  8. Who makes the buying decisions?
  9. What’s your style?
  10. How do you recreate?
  11. What do you read? (Mags,etc.)

Feel free to add and revise as you like. Get into it and have fun. You can even use hats or props to make it more real. Do this with each your client groups. I bet you’ll find you know a lot more about your clients than you think! Enjoy!


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