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Why own original art? Most people enjoy looking at beautiful things. In our homes, we have a multitude of choices regarding what to include in our decor. You can have prints, posters, tapestry or original art hanging on your walls. So why do I say you should own original art?  Here are 6 reasons you should own original art.

  1. When you have original art in your home, it has a powerful effect on the overall look of this space. You may have all the functional pieces that you need: sofa, lamp, chairs, carpet, but your space can still be bland and characterless. Having original art in your space creates an impact that goes way beyond the look of the piece itself.
  2. Part of the character that art brings to your home relates to the mood it sets. Works of art can add a dynamic energy to your room or it can be calming. It can be subtle or seductive depending on the mood you want to set in your space.
  3. Art brings color to your home. You can have a totally neutral, out of the box set of furniture in your room and yet, when you add art, it adds a whole new dimension with the color that it brings to the space. A beige and white room can have zing when a brightly colored, RED painting is incorporated. Introducing artwork into your home provides a means for energizing it by using color.
    TRADITIONAL LIVING ROOM BY PETER DUNHAM DESIGN in Architectural Digest, via Melanie Duncan pinterest

    TRADITIONAL LIVING ROOM BY PETER DUNHAM DESIGN in Architectural Digest, via Melanie Duncan pinterest

  4. Having original art confers status on the owners. Others perceive that you are an individual of discerning taste who has the savvy to know how to make an investment in an aesthetic acquisition. You are a unique person who has made an investment in something that is one of a kind and original.
  5. When you buy a work of art, ask the artist or dealer from whom you bought it to tell you the story behind the artwork. It may include the inspiration or motivation of the artist; it may be a story that relates to the environment in which the work was created or it may be a story about the artist’s process in creating this artwork. This story is an extra gem, a bonus, that you can share each time you are sharing your distinctive work of art with a guest in your home.
  6. Finally, acquiring in an original, unique, one of a kind work of art reflects on who you are, your good taste and your own creativity in making such a selection.
    "V"  Acrylic and collage on canvas  8" x 8"

    Acrylic and collage on canvas 8″ x 8″

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