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I am the Wild Queen of Color. I have traveled so many roads along the way but now as an artist, I have earned my title.


I love design, how things fit together, to make spaces flow. Pattern and color enrich my life and infuse my spirit with their soulful energy and  iridescent calm.


It wasn't always this way. My early adult life saw me with degrees in journalism, travel management and interior design. My graduate work was in communications research and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). It wasn't until a professor in an interior design class suggested I illustrate children's books that I felt at liberty to pursue art.


My career had twists and turns. I served as an adviser for student activities at a university, grant proposal writer, in Macy's management, an advertising executive and a sales rep for greeting cards amongst other things. Through it all, I had a lust to see the world, even giving up a summer camp as a child to travel. My adventures took me to eastern and western Europe, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Central and South America. Most recently I traveled through the Panama Canal and to Mexico.


Through it all I saw the ancient treasures and natural beauty. I bathed in the light and rain and the colors. I took home local handicrafts, marveled at the animals, engaged the people and always infused their colors. It has enriched me as I bring it to my wild explorative art practice and teaching.


Not doing this journey alone, along the way I have acquired husband, two daughters, two grandchildren and many friends. Their love and support help sustain me.

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