Arty Party   

 April 25th

Join us on Sunday, the 25th of April, 4PM on Zoom for some convivial companionship from fellow creative folks.  We will hang out, share and make beautiful art together. It's free!

Sunday, April 25                     4PM

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Your   Year

January 24

Envision Your Year3.jpg

Are you a person who makes new years resolutions? How does that work for you? I have never met anyone who keeps their resolutions well into the new year. Most people stick with them for a few days or weeks and they’re forgotten. I have an alternative.


Join me for “Envision Your Year,” workshop. Realize your vision for the future and connect it with intention as you set your goals, We will bring our dreams to earth to turn them over, examine them and make them real.


The afternoon-long workshop on January 24th is just right for creatives and those engaged in heart-centered pursuits such as artists, psychologists, writers, masseuses, directors, designers, energy healers and actors, who want to get a handle on their plans for the coming year. In the workshop, 


You Will Have The Opportunity To

  • Journey to your future

  • Explore your dreams

  • Consider possibilities

  • Listen to your intuition

  • Set intentions

  • Clarify what you want

  • Develop action plans


This is the time we’ll get to think ahead with intention and innovation. We will examine where we have been and where we want to go. We will journal to reflect on the past year. A guided meditation will take you to your future vision that we will collage into a "vision garland" so we can keep our visions in our visibility. Keeping intentions in sight will help us plan to implement our goals.


You will

  • Envision your dreams and desires

  • Connect to them in intuitive and intentional ways

  • Collage them into a format that you can keep near you 

  • Keep your dreams in sight

  • Evaluate where the last year left you and how you want to go forward

  • Celebrate your accomplishments

  • Use guided meditation to journey into your future

  • Employ collaborative energy to identify intentions

Sunday, January 24                     2PM-5PM EST