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I am thrilled to be offering in-person classes again at the Downstairs Studio in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn.

Fall/Winter Classes 2022/23


 5 class sessions - $130 + $20 materials fee


Sparking Your Artistic Creativity

    We will get our creativity sparking on all cylinders as we pursue our creative expression through a variety of media. Each class/project will commence with a writing portion, not to create the next NYT bestseller, but rather to get your creative juices flowing. The prompts might be written or in visual form, giving you the opportunity to learn more about your own process and what motivates you more. We will use our written work to inform our visual artwork, which could bring us to a variety of media.. 

    This class will be a fun journey of exploration and discovery, allowing us to create truly personal work from our own individual voice. Both writing and visual art skills will be developed and new skills supported. Session 1  -  5 classes  All levels.       Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 beginning November 15       Register HERE


Art Journaling


    While art journaling does not mean the exact same thing to everyone, whether it’s “dirty” or “junque” just about anything goes as long as it reflects you and your experiences. We will explore different ways of making a beautifully, satisfying art journal, beginning with creating a journal (book) ourselves. If you’ve never made a book, you’re in for a real treat. From there we will use all the tools at our disposal and even make a few new ones, to have a great time building our journals. No experience necessary. 5 classes.   

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 beginning January 4, 2023          Register HERE


Drawing with Black, White and the Rainbow Between


    This class in expressive drawing will begin its repertoire with free drawing in charcoal. We will work in paint as a drawing medium, as well as pencil. Non-objective and objective drawing will both be taught as we play with the elements of form, line, shape, size, proportion. We will explore frontage (rubbings) and incorporating it in our work. We will move into working with pastels to accent with color and to make a full artwork in color.  5 classes.  All levels. 

Tuesdays 11 am-1 pm beginning January 10, 2023.        Register HERE

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